In an article published in the Finnish journal Folk och musik I write about new directions in Norwegian folk music.

The article, in Norwegian language, describes tendencies such as education, professionalization and perfection. The trends and developments, among a variety of partly contradicting tendencies, are not meant to be a complete picture of reality, but rather tools for reflection and analysis.

In addition to introducing two musicians who represent a new generation of folk musicians, I discuss the establishment of the organization FolkOrg and The Norwegian Hub for Traditional Music and Dance in Oslo, Riksscenen. Both have meant much the new folk music movement in Norway during the last decade.

Folk och music is a Finnish academic journal focusing on folk music and folk dance in the Swedish part of Finland as well as the rest of the Nordic region. This is an e-journal published by Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland, and published in open access in the publishing service

The figure above is made by Ann-Turi Ford.

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